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    ReFED’s Roadmap is meant to not just be a research report for academic use, but a data-driven playbook for the whole food sector to make significant strides in solving the food waste challenge. Our analysis demonstrates that it is feasible using existing solutions to reduce food waste by 20% over the next decade with positive or breakeven economic value.

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    Four tools for action

    To achieve the vision laid out in the Roadmap, stakeholders will need to marshal these four tools. Choose a tool to learn more.


    The Roadmap analysis estimates that an aggregate $18 billion of new financing is needed to achieve a 20% waste reduction — roughly $2 billion per year over the next decade. This may seem large, but it amounts to only a tenth of a penny of investment for each pound of food waste reduced over a decade. This one-time investment will yield $100 billion of societal economic benefits.

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    To achieve the short-term goals, the immediate priority is to spread best practice policies at the local and state levels that will gradually increase support and decrease barriers. A more aggressive waste diversion goal will become increasingly dependent on comprehensive food waste policy that sets national guidelines, which will significantly boost investment by national and global food businesses.

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    A number of the Roadmap solutions are expected to benefit from incremental innovation that naturally improves performance and decreases costs over time. While wide-scale innovation is not needed to achieve a 20% reduction, innovation is a key aspect to the optimal performance of any system.

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    The number of Roadmap barriers that are behavioral in nature highlights the need for education, training, and capacity-building for consumers and consumer-facing business staff to enable change at scale.

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