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    Accelerator Expert Network Knowledge Series

    Jessica Grace Torres, City Harvest

    Check out this interview with Jessica Grace Torres, Director of Business Intelligence at City Harvest, to learn more about City Harvest’s technology solutions geared towards alleviating hunger amongst food insecure New Yorkers.

    Jasmine Crowe, Goodr

    In this week's interview, we hear from Jasmine Crowe, Founder of Goodr, to learn about how this innovative platform combines blockchain technology with a desire to reduce food waste.

    Hannah Koski, Blue Apron

    Check out this interview with Hannah Koski, Director of Procurement and Sustainability at Blue Apron, to learn about how their innovative model reduces household waste and improves access to delicious fresh and healthy ingredients.

    Leah Lizarondo,412 Food Rescue

    Check out this interview with Leah Lizarondo, Founder of 412 Food Rescue to learn how to develop a portfolio of initiatives to combat hunger and change behavior around food waste.

    Rebeckah Piotrowski, City Harvest

    In this week's interview, we hear from Rebeckah Piotrowski, Director of Institutional Partnerships at City Harvest to learn more about their mission-aligned partnerships that scale their impact to end hunger in New York.

    Nicole Flewell, Taylor Farms

    Check out this interview with Nicole Flewell, Director of Sustainability at Taylor Farms, where she delves into the opportunities she sees for nonprofit organizations to bring fresh prepared food to low-income individuals.

    Robert Egger, LA Kitchen

    Check out this interview with Robert Egger, founder of LA Kitchen, DC Central Kitchen and Campus Kitchens Project, who shared lessons learned from years of working on issues of food waste, food insecurity, and workforce development.

    Thomas McQuillan, Baldor Specialty Foods

    Check out this interview with Thomas McQuillan, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Culture and Sustainability at Baldor Specialty Foods, to learn about his work implementing major sustainability initiatives throughout their foodservice operations.

    Kari Armbruster, The Kroger Co.

    Check out this interview with Kari Armbruster, Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Project Manager at Kroger, to learn about their strategies for ending hunger in Kroger communities and eliminating waste across their company by 2025.

    Eric Davis and Justin Block, Feeding America

    Check out this interview with Eric Davis and Justin Block of Feeding America, where they discuss how they leverage technology and innovation to support their nationwide network of 200 member food banks.

    Nell Fry, Sodexo

    Check out this interview with Nell Fry, Senior Manager of Sustainability Field Support at Sodexo, where she shares her strategy for reducing waste, carbon and water usage at 13,000 sites across North America.

    Doug Rauch, Daily Table

    Check out this interview with Doug Rauch of Daily Table, who applied lessons from his extensive retail career at Trader Joe’s to build an enjoyable shopping experience that promotes dignity and helps low-income customers access nutritious, affordable food.

    Bill Reighard, Food Donation Connection

    Check out this interview with Bill Reighard of Food Donation Connection, who leveraged his industry knowledge overseeing operations at PepsiCo to launch a for-profit food recovery company that has coordinated more than 550m pounds of food.

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