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    ReFED's quarterly update on the entrepreneurs and investors fighting food waste. View more >

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    Press Release: ReFED’s 2018 U.S. Food Waste Investment Report Reveals Foundation Funding Reached $134 Million in 2016; VC Funding Reaches $125M in 2018

    ReFED's 2018 U.S. Food Waste Investment Report details key trends in the capital and innovation landscape and highlights specific examples of philanthropic, public, and private food waste investment, including a Special Report on Foundation Funding. View more >

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    Goodr and Pulp Pantry Take First Place and Runner Up at ReFED's Food Waste Innovation Demo Day

    ReFED Hosts First Food Waste Innovation Demo Day at SOCAP, Announces Release of Food Waste Investment Report View more >

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    ReFED's Innovator Spotlight: Food Forward

    ReFED interviews Southern California food recovery organization Food Forward to learn how they plan to grow their operations and scale their impact. View more >

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    Retail, Restaurant, and Foodservice Webinars

    In these webinars, ReFED hosts grocery, restaurant, and foodservice leaders to discuss insights from the Food Waste Action Guides and the successes they've had implementing food waste solutions. View more >

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    More Feast, Less Footprint: New Goals & Progress Towards Wasting Less Food

    Join ReFED and partners for this Global Climate Change Action Summit event exploring the connection between food waste and climate change. View more >

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    ReFED Capital & Innovation Newsletter: August 2018

    ReFED's quarterly update on the entrepreneurs and investors fighting food waste. View more >

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    Great Minds Think Differently: Diverse group at Innovator Workshop accelerates food waste solutions

    Our takeaways from the U.S. Food Waste Summit Innovator Workshop, which convened food waste innovators, food businesses, funders, and policymakers to shape the future of food waste solutions provision. View more >

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    ReFED Partners with Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic to Host 2018 U.S. Food Waste Summit

    Taking place June 26-27 at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA, the Summit will convene more than 300 leaders from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors to accelerate solutions to food waste and achieve the national goal to cut food waste in half by 2030. View more >

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    Picking up Speed: Food Waste Funders Meet to Fuel Further Impact

    Last month 16 food waste thought leaders met in an industrial corner of San Francisco to discuss the future of food waste capital and innovation. The event held at the headquarters and warehouse operations of food waste innovator, Imperfect Produce, was organized by Alexandria Coari, Capital & Innovation Director for ReFED, as part of the nonprofit’s Food Waste Funders Initiative. View more >

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    Food Waste Prevention Packaging RFP

    ReFED is currently accepting proposals to develop a multistakeholder project plan to address food waste prevention packaging. All proposals in response to this RFP are due no later than 11:59pm PST May 16, 2018. View more >

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    Innovator Workshop at the U.S. Food Waste Summit

    ReFED is cohosting a free one-day workshop for food waste innovators as part of the U.S. Food Waste Summit. Learn more about the event and apply to attend! View more >

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    Press Release: ReFED Analysis Uncovers Opportunity to Reduce 16 Million Tons of Food Waste in Foodservice and Restaurant Sectors

    ReFED collaborated with the four largest foodservice providers, major restaurants, industry trade associations, and more than 60 expert contributors to create the Restaurant and Foodservice Food Waste Action Guides to support businesses in developing and implementing food waste solutions. View more >

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    Press Release: ReFED Analysis Reveals Food Waste Represents $18.2 Billion Profit Opportunity for Grocery Retailers

    ReFED collaborated with major grocery retailers, industry trade associations, and more than 30 expert contributors to create the Retail Food Waste Action Guide to support retailers in developing and implementing food waste solutions. View more >

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    ReFED Newsletter: September 2017

    This summer has been an exciting time of growth and progress, both for ReFED and in the effort to reduce wasted food at scale. We have developed new programs around food business engagement, capital and innovation, and are growing our team. View more >

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    Data Driven Procurement for Less Wasted Food

    Every so often, we unintentionally discover something truly valuable; either as a complete accident (think Penicillin) or as a byproduct of intended actions. It is no coincidence that entrepreneurs addressing inefficiencies at various nodes throughout the food system often end up addressing wasted food. Such is the case with Konstantin Zvereff, CEO and Co-Founder of BlueCart, a procurement plat... View more >

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    ReFED Newsletter: May 2017

    Last month, ReFED launched groundbreaking tools around two of the four Roadmap levers of action: innovation and policy. The Food Waste Innovator Database highlights over 400 innovators who are building new industries to reduce wasted food. The Food Waste Policy Finder identifies leading and lagging state policies that enable or block food waste reduction. View more >

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    ReFED Innovator Database Webinar

    This webinar offers an introduction to ReFED's newly launched Innovator Database, along with an overview of current innovation trends. View more >

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    ReFED Policy Finder Webinar

    This webinar provides an overview of ReFED's Food Waste Policy Finder, along with key policy insights. View more >

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    ReFED in the News: Going Digital to Rescue Food

    This New York Times article describes the bourgeoning digital food recovery solution sector, highlighting ReFED's insights, and several of the innovators included in our Food Waste Innovator Database. View more >

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    Creating 'taste' from what would be 'waste'

    ReFED recently connected with Dan Kurzrock, Co-Founder and Executive Grain Officer at ReGrained, to learn about what it takes to make tasty food from beer waste. View more >

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    How to Unleash the New Food Waste Economy

    This post was written by Janet Reynolds of FoodFutureCo. Janet Reynolds is FoodFutureCo’s fellow and a co-founder of Waste for Good, a social enterprise building hyper-local networks to connect sustainably-minded food providers to a hub in the community, where food waste is converted into clean energy. View more >

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    On the Road to Reduction

    Today, the United States wastes 63 million tons of food annually at a cost of $218 billion. ReFED is working to move the food system from acting on instinct to using insights and collaboration to solve our national food waste problem. View more >

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    Press Release: New ReFED Innovation and Policy Tools

    Today, ReFED unveiled two new tools: a database of innovative food waste solutions, and an interactive map that centralizes federal- and state-level food waste policy to assist advocates and policymakers. View more >

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    Going Barnanas for new ways to use food

    ReFED recently caught up with Caue Suplicy, Founder and CEO of Barnana, to learn what its like being a pioneer in the 'edible upcycling' industry. View more >

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    Executive Director Announcement

    ReFED is pleased to announce its inaugural executive director, Chris Cochran! View more >

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    ReFED Newsletter: December

    Winter may be in full swing, but work at ReFED is really heating up! Over the next few months, expect some big announcements, including the launch of two new online tools (additional details below) and the kick-off of our Funder Collaborative. We are beyond excited to lift the curtain on these projects, and encourage you to take advantage of these resources and share them broadly with your netw... View more >

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    The Billion Dollar Food Waste Market Investors Are Missing

    A collaboration between AgFunder and ReFed, this article aims to highlight some of the technologies working towards reducing food waste globally that are not always associated with the problem. View more >

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    ReFED Newsletter: November

    The ReFED team has been hard at work over the last couple months creating new content on the steady increase in entrepreneurs tackling the food waste problem and top trends we're seeing, and releasing recommendations for how foundations can maximize the impact of philanthropic investment in food waste solutions. In the coming months, look out for new ReFED products, including a web-based tool o... View more >

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    Halving U.S. Food Waste: from lofty goal to practical reality

    Most of our food-related stories are about what we eat – but, a year ago tomorrow, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided to focus on the food we don’t eat. Together they announced a remarkably ambitious goal of reducing U.S. food waste by 50 percent by 2030 – a goal firmly in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that s... View more >

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    Behind the plate: Eva Fowler

    Eva Fowler, Associate Director of Programs & Communications at ReFED, is working hard at making #NoFoodWaste a reality on a national level. ReFED has set the Roadmap for decreasing food waste, and it’s time for all of us to jump on board. View more >

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    The ReFED Roadmap To Reducing Food Waste

    The Roadmap outlines systems for accomplishing a food waste reduction goal of 20 percent in the near term and 50 percent in the next 15 years. The strategy requires further investment — of time, brainpower and dollars. View more >

    Food Waste Tools

    The Food Waste Innovator Database

    ReFED Innovator Database image

    The ReFED Innovator Database is a living compilation of 350+ commercial and nonprofit entities that are turning the food waste problem into an entrepreneurial opportunity.

    Explore the Database

    U.S. Food Waste Policy Finder

    U.S. Food Waste Policy Finder image

    Research current food waste policy at the federal and state levels and discover best practices and recommendations for policy improvements.

    Explore the Tool

    Download the Report

    The Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste by 20 Percent and other ReFED reports are available for download.

    Technical Appendix

    Details about data validation, methodology, excluded solutions, and full data sets are available in the Technical Appendix.

    Download the Technical Appendix

    Media Resources

    Please direct media inquiries to [email protected]

    Download Latest Press Release

    Foundation Action Guide

    Foundations can provide the ~$300 million needed annually to protect the environment, alleviate hunger, and develop local economies. Read more information in our Action Paper.

    Download the Action Guide

    Resources & Helpful Links

    • Save the Food

      Save the Food is a national public service campaign to combat food waste developed in partnership between the Ad Council & the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

    • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Food Waste

      A fun and easy to understand 20-minute segment describing the causes and problems of food waste.

    • Wasted: How America is losing up to 40 percent of its food from farm to fork to landfill

      An overview report on the causes of food waste in the United States.

    • Food Loss and Waste Protocol

      The Food Loss & Waste Protocol (FLW Protocol) is a multi-stakeholder effort to develop the global accounting and reporting standard for quantifying food loss and waste.

    • Food Waste Reduction Alliance

      The Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA) is a collaborative effort of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the Food Marketing Institute, and the National Restaurant Association. The FWRA’s mission is to reduce the volume of food waste sent to landfill by addressing the root causes of waste and by securing pathways to donate or recycle unavoidable food waste.

    • EPA Food Recovery Challenge

      Organizations that take part in EPA's Food Recovery Challenge pledge to improve their sustainable food management practices and report their results.

    • BioCycle

      Published since 1960, BioCycle is the go-to magazine and website on composting, organics recycling, anaerobic digestion, and renewable energy.

    • Recyclingworks Massachusetts

      Comprehensive source prevention, recovery, and recycling assistance for businesses and institutions. The information is specific to Massachusetts, but much of it is applicable to other states and regions.

    • SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

      The FAO is collaborating with donors, bi- and multi-lateral agencies, and financial institutions and private sector partners (the food packaging industry and others) to develop and implement a program on food loss and waste reduction.

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