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    Food Waste Prevention Packaging RFP

    ReFED is seeking a seasoned packaging professional to develop a multistakeholder project plan for food waste prevention packaging. Contracted work includes but is not limited to: 

    • Consider current landscape and literature to inform the design of the initiative and identify key stakeholders
    • Identify, analyze, and prioritize packaging solutions with high-volume and/or high-value food waste diversion potential. Final analysis should include the following:
      • Existing solutions in spoilage prevention packaging, packaging adjustments, and compostable packaging
      • Recommended food product categories and partners for implementation
      • Feasibility assessment of proposed solutions - current barrier(s) to adoption and recommended action to overcome barrier(s)
      • Ranking of solutions in terms of size of the opportunity (diversion potential, economic value, water conservation, GHG emissions reduction), and feasibility
    • Classify recommended solutions as ready-to-scale, ready-to-pilot, and need further research or technical validation
    • Coordinate with ReFED’s Multistakeholder Initiatives Director and Business Engagement Manager to ensure application in a ReFED working group context

    Recommendations must also address sustainability trade-offs, particularly the challenge between packaging reduction and food waste prevention.

    The final deliverable includes a packaging solutions Excel data set and a PowerPoint deck recommending the (1) top three packaging solutions that are proven, cost effective and scalable, (2) top three packaging solutions ready to pilot, and (3) top three packaging solutions requiring additional research or innovation. Each solution should include barriers and key stakeholders, as well as recommendations for next steps.  

    Please read the complete RFP for additional details.

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