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    Opportunities for stakeholders to act on food waste reduction

    Stakeholder Solutions

    While ReFED’s food waste analysis takes a holistic look across the entire supply chain, there are specific opportunities for each stakeholder that will provide the greatest benefits based on their priorities. Use this page to identify the actions that offer the largest opportunities for each stakeholder to contribute to food waste reduction.


    Consumers will reap the biggest economic benefit, saving $5.6 billion annually by cutting unnecessary spending on food that is never eaten.

    View Consumers Solutions >


    (Includes Social Enterprises)

    Every solution in the Roadmap is an opportunity for business and technology innovation for entrepreneurs.

    View Entrepreneurs Solutions >


    Farmers can seek to reduce the ~10 million tons of cosmetically imperfect or unharvested food lost each year.

    View Farmers Solutions >

    Federal Government

    The federal government can enact smart policies that will cost-effectively create jobs and alleviate hunger.

    View Federal Government Solutions >


    Foundations can provide the ~$300 million needed annually to protect the environment, alleviate hunger, and develop local economies. Read more information in our Foundation Action Paper.

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    Investors can generate returns from an untapped $2 billion market opportunity.

    View Investors Solutions >


    Manufacturers can expand existing leadership in repurposing excess food through multi-stakeholder collaborations.

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    Nonprofits & Academia

    (Includes Food Recovery Organizations and Research and Advocacy Organizations)

    Nonprofits and academia can support the expansion of a dynamic food recovery ecosystem to recover 1.8 billion meals annually, launch widespread Consumer Education Campaigns and fill critical research gaps.

    View Nonprofits & Academia Solutions >

    Restaurants & Foodservice Providers

    (Includes Institutions)

    Restaurants and foodservice providers can save up to $1.6 billion in food purchasing costs.

    View Restaurants & Foodservice Providers Solutions >

    Grocery Retailers

    (Includes Distributors)

    Retailers have the opportunity to increase profits while empowering customers to reduce waste.

    View Grocery Retailers Solutions >

    State & Local Governments

    States and municipalities can pursue holistic approaches to waste reduction that incentivize prevention, recovery, and recycling to reduce the tax burden and address food insecurity.

    View State & Local Governments Solutions >
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