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    Consumers will reap the biggest economic benefit, saving $5.6 billion annually by cutting unnecessary spending on food that is never eaten.

    Key Consumers Actions

    • Use consumer buying power to incentivize transitions to products and services that reduce waste, including Standardized Date Labeling, Imperfect Produce, Spoilage Prevention Packaging, and recycling solutions.
    • Reduce in-home food waste through proper planning, prep, and storage of food and by creating or purchasing Home Composting systems.

    Key Consumers Solutions

    Community Composting

    Transporting food from homes by truck, car, or bicycle to small, community, or neighborhood-level compost facilities that process 2,500 tons per year on average

    $-34 /ton
    in financial benefit

    167 K tons/yr
    in diversion potential

    0 M meals/yr
    meals recovered

    163 K tons/yr
    in GHG reduction

    0 B gal/yr
    in water conservation

    jobs created

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    Home Composting

    Keeping a small bin or pile for on-site waste at residential buildings to be managed locally; also known as "backyard composting"

    Tools for action

    The Roadmap demonstrates that achieving a 20% reduction in food waste will generate a positive financial, social, and environmental return on investment. To make that happen, crosscutting actions are needed in four areas. Click to learn more about each tool.

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